Aug 29 • 17M

Ancient Money: Exploring the Financial Systems of the Past

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Ancient Origins UNLEASHED
Dr Ioannis Syrigos
Ancient Origins seeks to uncover what we believe is one of the most important pieces of knowledge we can acquire as human beings: Our beginnings
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In this episode of the Ancient Origins Unleashed Podcast, host Yannis delves into the riveting history of financial systems, tracing their evolution from ancient civilizations like Rome, Greece, China, and Mesopotamia to the modern economic infrastructures in the west. Unravel how historical practices such as coin clipping and bartering mirror today's concerns over inflation, debt, and the debate over cryptocurrencies. Drawing parallels between past financial collapses and today's economic landscape, Yannis prompts listeners to ponder the future of global economies in an increasingly digital age. Dive in to understand how the lessons from history can potentially guide our financial future.

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