Thanks for your very observant comment.

In fact, the entire cultural Stories of Creation is connected to both the Milky Way and different Star Constellations and it´s motion on the night sky.

For instant, the Egyptian Goddess Hathor is specifically connected to the Milky Way on the southern hemisphere as this Milky Way contour very much looks like a woman in the night sky.

And the central light in the Milky Way is named AMUN-RA, who is "the Father" to Hathor, i.e. created by this central Milky Way light - as everything else in our galaxy is.

Even the cultural Flood Myths are connected to the Milky Way as a river running OVER the Earth and not ON the Earth, as astronomical and cosmological ignorant scholars have interpreted this mytheme.

More informations here on my personal Mytho-Cosmological website - http://www.native-science.net/index.html


Ivar Nielsen

Comparative Mythologist & Natural Philosopher


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I don't see any date given for the dish - looks late period but what does the museum say ?

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Satan < Ba'al < Molech < Nimrod < the pharaohs < Sumerian kings <Enki < Orion < Lucifer (REBEL) < Yaldabaoth (an ERROR ).

AKA the serpent seed, now delivered in medical gain of function epitomized by the cadeuceus.

For more information https://TheAscensionDiet.com

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that leopard to the right of Orion looks much more like a giraffe, kneeling down to drink. However Camelopardelis is (today) in a different part of the sky. There is however a long sinuous constellation there or there abouts aka Eridanus ... perhaps some of the constellation names have evolved ?

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