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Archaeologists and other academic scholars have the Trundholm scenario to deal with the Sun, but when our ancestors were looking at the celestial day- and night scenarios of the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and Star Constellations, there is no natural or logical way they could have got an imagery of a horse drawn chariot to fit with the Sun.

Such an interpretation derives from a scholarly lack of astronomical and cosmological insight and knowledge.

- The Sundholm wheels speaks in general of a "rotation around a center", and the only natural and logical possibility here is the starry motion in the night sky and the Earth´s rotational celestial pole axis.

Imaging this celestial pole axis center as a circle or a wheel around which stars and star constellation rotate, a close by constellation are imagined by our ancestors to draw this circle around and of course the Canis Minor or Little Dipper is directly connected to this central point, but even the Canis Major or Big Dipper constellation could be a possible imagined origin to "an animal drawn wagon".

The Earth´s celestial axis pole circle symbolism is carved in Rock Arts all over the World and connected to both animals, human like figures and even to the whitish crescent contours of the Milky Way, which constitutes a stylized carved figure of a "ship", "sailing" around on the pole axis in the night Sky.

The spiralling figures on the Disk describe in my firm conviction a very connected formation of everything and especially connected to the Milky Way which mythologically is included and described in the numerous cultural and very similar Stories of Creation.

Logically, the same celestial scenario is carved very similarly by all ancestral cultures over different continents and under the Earth´s hemispheres.

Links: from my personal website:

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And lot of other information too.


Ivar Nielsen

Comparative Mythologist & Natural Philosopher


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Looks like an egyptian eye in the center if u pinch zoon the 1st pic.. interesting

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Buen trabajo

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