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By the way, I post weekly sci news at https://www.thunderbolts.info/forum3/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=26&p=8993#p8993. The news covers astronomy and "Earth Science", i.e. geology, archeology etc. My sources for the Earth Science are mainly these (& SOTT.com etc).

Creation . com (good science writing on the Flood, the Ice Age etc)


Institute for Creation Research (ditto)


Society for Interdisciplinary Studies


Graham Hancock Ancient News (recent articles he finds online)


Antonio Zamora's (Younger Dryas Impact etc, especially the Carolina Bays)


Ancient Architects Channel


UnchartedX Channel to Rewrite History (Advanced Ancient Tech etc)


Thunderbolts Project (sometimes has info on the Saturn Theory)


Brien Foerster's Ancient Tech Channel (mostly on megalithic Inca sites & Egyptian)


Mystery History's Ancient Tech Channel


Mystery History


Charles Kos (hasn't done anything for a few months, but has neat ideas)


Randall Carlson (He talks about the Younger Dryas & megafloods & Atlantis etc)



Phenomenal Travel Videos (Advanced Ancient Tech etc in India & S.E. Asia)


Shattered History (She agrees that Pangaea broke up recently)


Bright Insight's Catastrophism & Ancient Tech Channel (He agrees that Richat was Atlantis)


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I'm using a substack to write a book on Cataclysmic Earth History at https://cataclysmicearthhistory.substack.com/archive. I have maybe a dozen posts so far. I've been writing on the Thunderbolts.info forum for several years on similar topics. So I decided to look around to see if anyone else on Substack is discussing similar things. Glad to see there's this substack. I think this post of mine, PROOF SEDIMENTARY ROCK IS NOT OLD, may be the most eye-opening one at https://cataclysmicearthhistory.substack.com/p/1. It shows several reasons why sedimentary rock was surely deposited over a very short period of time, months. The popular writers on catastrophism, like Hancock, Carlson et al, need to see this evidence and stop imagining that civilization is hundreds of thousands or millions of years old. Those long ages are an illusion based on the imagined millions of years of deposition of sedimentary strata. The strata are divided into 3 main types: shale, limestone and sandstone. If each of those were deposited for millions of years, why did just one type get deposited for such long timespans? Where did just that one type come from? Etc. PS, I'm not saying civilization can't be older than a few thousand years, just that you can't base the dating of civilization on sedimentary rock strata. And the Flood mostly destroyed everything that existed before. Things found in coal and other sediments were deposited during the Flood and may show pre-Flood civilization, but there's likely no way to tell when such pre-Flood civilization began, so far.

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(there's no such thing as Dwarka)

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Atlantis = Richat Mauritania.

Aztlan & Cibola describe the same thing. Aztlan is one city of seven. They lie in:

1. Mt Shasta CA

2. Panamint Mts CA

3. San Pedrir Mt MX

4. Superstition Mts AZ

5. Hopi City of Dead, Grand Canyon AZ

6. Unknown

7. Unknown

Hope that helps or at least gives readers a direction to research. Cheers!

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One of these days, if science is willing to admit its current inaccuracies, answers to what happened to many of these cities will begin to appear. Despite all the textual evidence, and physical evidence to match, we keep turning a blind eye to what happened during the cataclysms of which we are even given a number.

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